TikTok Welcomes Tay and Billie: New UMG Content Licensing Agreement

After long negotiations, users on TikTok can again use songs from UMG’s catalog, which includes Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish.

Welcome Back, Tay and Billie!

TikTok has agreed to pay Universal Music Group (UMG) for content licensing deals; this means that popular tracks will be available for creators.

UMG Truce 

With threats of bans looming in major markets like India and the US, this partnership strengthens TikTok's appeal as an entertainment platform.

Crucial Moment for TikTok

Within weeks, all videos featuring songs by UMG artists should have their sound restored. All muted video creation will be revived.

Return of the Music Catalog 

People can expect their favorite artists’ music to come back on TikTok soon; this will allow for more creativity and interaction within the app community.

What This Means For Fans 

Last month, some of Taylor Swift’s songs were made available again thanks to her ownership of album masters.

The Power of Taylor Swift 

In light of recent events with UMG – Shou Chew expresses gratitude while highlighting just how important music is within our ecosystem…

From Our CEO’s Desk 

Chew also mentions plans to promote more value-driving initiatives towards UMG-signed acts thus deepening their ties with tiktokers.

The Way Forward