League of Legends Evolution: Exploring the Latest Changes in Patch 14.9

Introducing Patch 14.9

Riot Games has unveiled the latest update for League of Legends, bringing forth significant changes and additions.

Vanguard Anti-Cheat System

The spotlight shines on the controversial Vanguard anti-cheat system, aimed at combating cheating in the game.

Lee Sin ASU Release

Lee Sin’s long-awaited ASU skin is finally available for all players to use on live servers and shows off a new look for the champion.

Item Balancing

A lot of changes have been made to fighter items and Maw of Malmortius in general.

Champion Adjustments 

Various champions were buffed or nerfed this patch including Sejuani and Skarner.

Overhaul of Champion Radius 

Champion hitbox sizes have been changed so that they are more accurate during fights where precision matters most.

Mid Season Invitational

All eyes are on Chengdu, China for MSI as Patch 14.9 takes center stage.

Elite Competition 

12 teams from around the world will compete against each other hoping to earn their spot at Worlds this year while also competing against some tough competition along the way.

The Pool of rewards 

When teams compete against each other for a piece of the $250,000 prize pool then one can expect exciting matches and high stakes.

A Hope for Championship 

All throughout the tournament, players strive harder on their battlefields being fueled by dreams of winning championships as well as gaining international fame.