If Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal is removed, then Elon Musk will have to pay such a big price

Elon Musk will remove Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal

After Elon Musk Buys Twitter, The discussion about the departure of Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal is in full swing. Elon Musk will have to pay a hefty amount if Parag is removed.

He has also pondered starting a rival social media network, and industry analysts are skeptical about whether the mercurial CEO would remain on the sidelines for long.

On Monday, billionaire Elon Musk signed a deal to buy Twitter for $ 44 billion. With this, the company running public since 2013 has now become private.

There is speculation about the departure of the company's CEO Parag Agarwal only after the sale of Twitter. But no information has come out regarding this.

According to research firm Equilar, Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal will get about $ 42 million if he is fired from Twitter within 12 months of the company's sale.

If farewell, what will Parag Agarwal get?

P. Agarwal was earlier the CEO of Twitter, in Nov last year, he was made the CEO of Twitter. his total compensation for the year 2021 was $30.4 million, mostly in the form of stock awards.

The Twitter buyout has cast doubts over Agarwal's future, and it is still unclear whether he would like to remain at the helm. Musk has already said that he does not trust Twitter's management.