MicroStrategy Beats Countries in Bitcoin Reserves

MicroStrategy holds over $14 billion worth of bitcoin. Its recent purchase brings total holdings to 214,400 BTC.

MicroStrategy leads as the largest corporate bitcoin holder. Surpassing even the United States in BTC ownership.

Corporate Dominance

CEO Phong Le emphasizes their unique bitcoin strategy. Average purchase price: $35,180 per bitcoin.

CEO's Perspective

MicroStrategy intends to #HODL despite price fluctuations. Founder Michael Saylor's commitment to bitcoin investment.

Diamond Hands Mentality

Bitcoin is worth about $64,000. MicroStrategy made more than $6 billion from their investment. 

What’s Happening Now

What events helped Bitcoin to rise in the market recently? The SEC has approved Bitcoin ETFs, and there was also a “halving” event. 

Good News

Yes, big companies are investing now that the SEC has approved it. A new all-time high for bitcoin was triggered by the “halving” event. 

Big Players

How did MicroStrategy change things with their bold move? Their strategy takes advantage of volatility in the crypto markets. 

Impact of MicroStrategy